CFA Level 3 Secret Uploaded by. Tecwyn Lim. How to Pass the Cfa Exam eBook. Uploaded by. Charles Heng. CFA LEVEL 1 MOCK TEST. CFA Level 1 Exam Preparation with AnalystNotes: My Secret Sauce to chance to use the Schweser study bank and mock-exams (all three). schweser cfa secret sauce level 1 level 2 torrent or any other cfa level 1 secret sauce cfa level 1 books pdf free download (cfa.

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Review for the CFA Level I exam with Kaplan Schweser's Secret Sauce. Gain tips and tricks for applying your knowledge and managing your time for the exam. available here for download. cfa level 1 schweser study notes pdf - free download - epub book cfa level 1 study notes schweser level 3 secret sauce pdf - schweser formula sheet pdf -??cfa level 1 arif videos schweser. schweser level 1 secret sauce. PDF Schweser. CFA Level 1 2 3 Notes.. Schweser Secret. Sauce Level Ii Cfa.

Why or why not? Although we are very proud of our reviews of the ethics material, there are two reasons we recommend you read the original Standards o f Practice Handbook 11th Ed.

You will be much better off if you read both our summaries of the Standards and the original Handbook and all the examples presented in it. CFA Institute, through the Professional Conduct staff, conducts inquiries related to professional conduct. Written complaints about a member or candidates professional conduct that are received by the Professional Conduct staff. Evidence of misconduct by a member or candidate that the Professional Conduct staff received through public sources, such as a media article or broadcast.

A report by a CFA exam proctor of a possible violation during the examination. Analysis of exam scores and materials and monitoring of websites and social media by CFA Institute. Interview the complainant or other third parties. Collect documents and records relevant to the investigation. To issue a cautionary letter.


To discipline the member or candidate. Page 3 Study Session 1 Ethical and Professional Standards In a case where the Professional Conduct staff finds a violation has occurred and proposes a disciplinary sanction, the member or candidate may accept or reject the sanction.

If the member or candidate chooses to reject the sanction, the matter will be referred to a panel of CFA Institute members for a hearing.

Sanctions imposed may include condemnation by the members peers or suspension of the candidates continued participation in the CFA Program. Code and Standards Questions about the Code and Standards will most likely be application questions. You will be given a situation and be asked to identify whether or not a violation occurs, what the violation is, or what the appropriate course of action should be.

You are not required to know the Standards by number, just by name.

Candidates should memorize the Code of Ethics. Place the integrity of the investment profession and the interests of clients above their own personal interests.

Use reasonable care and exercise independent, professional judgment when conducting investment analysis, making investment recommendations, taking investment actions, and engaging in other professional activities.

Practice and encourage others to practice in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect credit on themselves and the profession. Promote the integrity and viability of the global capital markets for the ultimate benefit of society. Maintain and improve their professional competence and strive to maintain and improve the competence of other investment professionals. St a n d a r d s of Pr o f e s s i o n a l Co n d u c t The following is a list of the Standards of Professional Conduct.

Candidates should focus on the purpose of the Standard, applications of the Standard, and proper procedures of compliance for each Standard. Study Session 1 Ethical and Professional Standards themselves, the guidance for implementing the Standards, and the examples in the Handbook. Know the law relevant to your position. Do not act or cause others to act on material nonpublic information.

Act solely for the benefit of your client and know to whom a fiduciary duty is owed with regard to trust accounts and retirement accounts. Act for the benefit of your employer. Thoroughly analyze investments. Disclose potential conflicts of interest let others judge the effects of any conflict for themselves. My goodness! What can you do?

You can be wrong as long as you had a reasonable basis at the time. You can use several pieces of nonmaterial, nonpublic information to construct your investment recommendations mosaic theory. You can do large trades that may affect market prices as long as the intent of the trade is not to mislead market participants.

You can say that Treasury securities are without default risk. You can always seek the guidance of your supervisor, compliance officer, or outside counsel. You can accept gifts from clients and referral fees as long as properly disclosed. You can call your biggest clients first after fair distribution of investment recommendation or change. I recall investing an average of 6 to 7 hours each day in preparation for this exam.

Many may ask, "how can you invest so many hours each day? My weekends for the most part consisted of studying 10 hours each day and taking careful notes.

Schwser Secret sauce or Wiley 11th Hour

It was a lot of time invested, but again, there was plenty of material to cover. I also chose a good study provider. It appears that Schweser and AnalystNotes are the two leading study providers.

I had the opportunity to evaluating both and ended-up choosing AnalystNotes over Schweser. That choice made a huge difference in my success for this exam. The format of the material, the interactive user comments, the 10 mock exams that were tougher than the real exam.

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I did have the chance to use the Schweser study bank and mock-exams all three. What I found was that they were nothing like the real exam. The questions on the mocks appeared to have been "tricky" at best, with no real use for the real deal.

The one thing that Schweser did produce that caught my eye was the "Secret Sauce" book that contains some very key study material in a condensed and easy to read format. Passing the CFA exam really comes down to nailing those two or three critical questions that make or break the exam.

So the critical concepts and exam strategies found in the analysnotes web site were real valuable.What I found was that they were nothing like the real exam. Many of you have often wondered if there is any secret to passing the CFA L-1 exam. The material itself is a mile wide, yet the exam itself is only a foot deep.

Know the law relevant to your position. Ethical vs. That choice made a huge difference in my success for this exam. I made the mistake of studying the night before and let me tell you, my mind was racing all night long and the next morning I was exhausted and tired.

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