The Complete Idiot's Guide to Speed Reading. Home · The Complete Idiot's Guide to Speed The Complete Idiots Guide to Cooking Substitutions · Read more. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Speed Reading enables you to see and experience ways of getting through your reading workload with speed and efficiency. Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Speed Reading Author: Abby Marks Beale; Pam Mullan. This PDF document has been generated by.

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Everything that make us clever! Contribute to koredalin/MindDevelopment development by creating an account on GitHub. Peter Weverka is the author of many For Dummies books, including. Office in boldface text. Follow the boldface instructions to complete the exercises. You want a plainspoken guide that trains you to speed read without a lot of fuss. them all in style type as word, txt, site, pdf, zip, rar and ppt. one of them is this professional. The Complete Idiots Guide To Speed Reading Complete Idiots.

I think about golf superstar Tiger Woods, who readily admits to using mental visualizations to secure his success. Remember the visualization thing, it makes a huge difference in your performance. No distractions around. You are focused and concentrating on the material in front of you. Mentally answer the questions Why am I reading this? Then, place your finger on the page and pull your eyes down the page much faster than is comfortable—and have fun doing it!

You are amazed at how much you still understand.

The reading piles are quickly gone or at least under control. You now find time for reading because you find reading effortless and relaxing.

You mentally answer the questions Why am I reading this? Time yourself for 1 minute as you read, pulling your finger down each page quickly to glean a few ideas but not everything. Try to advance to a new page every 5 to 10 seconds. Mark where you started and stopped. Write down what you think you read about. Did you have fun? Did you surprise yourself at how much you were able to write down?

Whatever your experience, at least you got started on seeing yourself reading in a new way! You may even start to run for just yards, walk for yards, run for yards again, and so on.

Every time you run, you get a little better, and go farther without taking a break. The same is true for speed reading. When you first start, you may only be able to go a few paragraphs and then need to or naturally slow down. The more you practice this way, the sooner you are able to go longer stretches without needing a break.

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There is no one best way to read, just the way—or ways—that works best for you! Reading Horizontally and Vertically The most skilled speed readers can quickly read across lines horizontally and read several lines vertically in one glance. Their peripheral vision is very wide, and they can pick up a lot of information in a glance.

You can widen your central area of focus because of your peripheral vision.

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As you continue to read wide horizontally, you can then work on stretching your vision vertically. The easiest material to play with is anything with narrow columns, or about six words per line, such as newspaper or magazine columns.

The Value of Comprehension Speed reading without comprehension is called speed looking. To learn to speed read, you need to separate comprehension from speed development.

But in the following chapters, I encourage you to not read every word see Chapters 3 and 4 and to learn to be comfortable without comprehension, temporarily see Chapter 5. The faster you read, the more you have to concentrate.

Think about it. The same is true with reading. You immediately reduce daydreaming see Chapter 13 and concentrate more the faster you go. As a result of your improved concentration, you have a stronger chance of better comprehen- sion. And with better understanding comes a much higher chance of retention.

Speed Secret Faster reading speed leads to more concentration, which leads to more comprehension, which leads to stronger retention. The Value of Background Knowledge The more you already know, the easier reading is. The more life experience you have, the easier it is to understand a wide range of reading materials and genres.

This is your background knowledge. When you read material unfamiliar to you—which so much is—you might think your comprehension would be compromised. This is what I call building bridges of knowledge. When you read about something new, you relate it to some of your existing background knowledge and stick the two together.

This is how you gain more background knowledge. If you use 7 Speed Reading for 7 minutes per day, you will see a significant improvement within one week. After weeks you will see a dramatic improvement.

We guarantee a gain of 3 times your current speed. However, many people achieve much more than this. The e-books shipped with 7 Speed Reading range in reading level from grade 4 to adult.

However, you can import text for any level and you can also access wiki text for any level via the Wiki Connect Technology. Although the menus and courses are in English, you can import and use text in any supported language via the Wiki-Connect Technology.

It uses only best-in-class exercises and strategies — the same ones that have been used for decades by champion speed readers, expensive speed reading university courses, and even presidents.

The single price includes unlimited installations on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome. All your data, account, results, and lists are automatically kept in sync between devices.

You can study anywhere and access your account. Founded in , eReflect is a world leader in education and self -improvement software. With offices in the United States, Asia, and Australia, eReflect happily serves tens of thousands of satisfied customers in over countries worldwide.

I look forward to applying the skills that I have learned and becoming an even better reader, and a more knowledgeable person. Thank you again, it has been a great experience. Justin P. Most adults today are working with antiquated skills and ingrained beliefs about their reading abilities, or lack thereof.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Speed Reading

The strategies are surprisingly simple once revealed. With practice, readers will not only speed through and understand books, articles, and professional journals but will also build their personal reading confidence and competence. Simon D.

Its introspective focus guides you to discover who you are as a learner and then presents you with strategies that make learning easier.Wherever you are, give yourself credit for how much you have achieved and how far you have come with the skills you currently possess.

Start reading, moving your eyes to the right, and slowly move your right pointer finger down the right margin to the next line after your eyes reach the end of the line.

The bad news is that you may need another pair of glasses specifically for reading on a computer screen. Think of the reading speeds like a five-speed car gear shift, with first gear being the slowest reading speed and fifth gear being overdrive.

This is the most common group for those readers who have not had any reading training since elementary school. Reading the key words accomplishes several things: This deliberate and general view is explained in greater detail in Chapter When I am interrupted by my mental to-do list, I write it down and return to reading.

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