Night's Black Agents: Double Tap - With all the Conspiracies, the intrigue, the PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (10 ratings). With all the. Night's Black Agents is a trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. Publisher:Simon Rogers .. this book is Double Tap: The Night's. Black Agents Expansion Book. An. Take Fingerprints in the Field. Suggested Benefits. 59 standard operating procedures. The Cartagena Rules. 60 night''s black agents - double tap.

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Double Tap: The Night's Black Agents Expansion Book includes: New rules for adapting the acclaimed night's black agents Thriller Chase. The Quick and Bloody Guide to Bluffing Night's Black Agents at Conventions Much cooler blank character sheet in German (pdf) thanks to Matt Breen for character sheet (adjusted to reflect the changes in Double Tap) – by. [PELGN03D] Double Uploaded by. blakedudeus · Nights Black Agents Layout Taster. Uploaded by. PelgranePress · The Hypnos Conspiracy. Uploaded .

There are also stats for different "species" of vampires from other cultures like the Greek Strigoi winged female vampires that can turn into owls and the Ghanaian Adze a blood-sucking fly demon.

The genres of espionage in play in the gameworld are also customizable. They are divided into Dust gritty techno-thriller , Mirrors paranoid bluffing, double-crosses, and manipulation , Burn pushing the characters to their mental and emotional limits until they crack , and Stakes monster-hunting action-adventure.

The Director can use one or more of them to flavor their campaign. There is also a mechanism called the "Conspiramid". The vampire conspiracy's hierarchy and organization the "Vampirimid" is initially unknown to the characters.

They uncover nodes of the conspiracy through investigating it, gradually giving them an outside-in view of its workings. However, just like a mortal government or organization, the vampire conspiracy can use propaganda, deception, and manipulation to mislead or misdirect the characters.

Character creation[ edit ] Abilities and Backgrounds[ edit ] Character creation is point-based. Abilities are narrow skills that cost a point a level and are split into Investigative and General ability points. Having at least one point in an ability makes the character proficient in it.

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Having 8 or more points in an ability grants access to advantages called "cherries" that grant bonuses to the character's actions when using that ability. Backgrounds are ability packages that are made up of 6 points of Investigative abilities and 18 points of General abilities each.

For instance, the Bang and Burn Background makes the character an expert in demolitions while the Wet-Work Background makes the character an expert assassin. They provide character guidelines for new players or quick templates for a pickup game. This speeds character creation and allows the campaign to get up and start running. Investigative vs General abilities[ edit ] Investigative Points are calculated based on the number of characters in the party and can only be used to download investigative abilities.

Investigative Abilities like Diagnosis, Streetwise, and Forensic Pathology automatically uncover clues related to that skill. The levels in the skill form a point pool that can be spent to expand upon the basic information revealed.

Beginning characters can only have a maximum pool of 3 in each Investigative skill to prevent over-specialization. Characters begin play with base scores of 1 in their Streetwise and Tradecraft Investigative abilities, indicating their training and experience. The character starts with 70 General Points, which can only be used to download general-purpose abilities.

General abilities are pass-fail like Athletics, Driving, or Shooting. The levels in the skill form a point pool that can be spent to meet or exceed a success threshold. The success threshold is known by the Director, but is unknown to the player.

Nights Black Agents Character Booklet

This encourages a player to sometimes put extra exertion or effort into their character's actions without knowing if it will pay off. The character's point pools regenerate differently. General combat ability pools regenerate after 24 hours if the character sleeps or rests. Investigative ability pools regenerate at the end of a break in the campaign like at the end of an adventure or during a character's recovery-time spent in a hospital.

The Cover and Network General abilities[ edit ] The Cover ability is the alternate identity or identities used by the character.

Characters start with a base pool of 10, but additional levels can be bought with general character points. The character can choose to have a few really solid identities with large point pools or many flimsy ones with small point pools. The pool does not refresh and restored or additional levels have to be bought with experience points. If the Cover's pool is reduced to 0, the Cover is compromised and cannot be used again.

The Network ability is the character's organization of Contacts, which can be used to provide information and support. Characters usually start with a base pool of 15 points.

Characters in a Burn-genre campaign have a lower starting base pool 4 to 12 points that is based on the number of characters in the party. Great site Listings!

downloader beware and all that. Trouble Tickets.

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This is where we discuss problems with the forums. Threads 13, Messages , This encompasses game systems and authors. Use the search forms to help find items in the index, and if you'd like to add items, you can. Just click the Add an Entry button, and you'll get more info. Useful Information. To contact us either send an email to contact blacklibrary. As night falls on Belgrade, you and your team of special agents go on Average Rating 10 ratings.

With all the Average Rating 24 ratings.

The term was expanded to other tunnel systems in such as the ones built beneath Paris. Often built as testaments to the power and wealth of the dead resting within. They may be as simple as the ones found in a cemetery or as ostentatious as the Taj Majal, which was built for Mumtaz Mahal, the Shah Jehans third wife. She died giving birth to their 14th child.

Remains are buried elsewhere temporarily and then moved to the ossuary once only the bones remain. Some feature carefully stacked bones. Others compact the remains into smaller containers to make room for fresh dead.

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Tactical Fact-Finding Benefit: Architecture allows you to map an efficient route into the dungeons.For Directors, 26 Cameos give you living, breathing NPCs complete with their own clues, and 26 Establishing Shots give you exciting settings to put them — and your agents — into. This is the danger of covering lots of different subjects under one cover, but Double Tap contains different things that are actually interesting.

Characters with a pool of 8 or more in the Hand-to-Hand general ability can spend 6 points per level to take Martial Arts Training. An excellent piece of work, I absolutely love it. Can you make a difference?

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