book, sometimes called (though not by me) “James Potter Two-and-a-half”, is an entirely original side story featuring James' friend Petra Morganstern. Suffice it. James Potter and the Crimson Thread (Print PDF 34 MB) The other four books in the James Potter series BOOK 3: James Potter and the Vault of Destinies. James Potter and the Crimson Thread. 2 G. Norman Lippert. 3. Prologue Four years earlier. “I learned it from my history books,” James said, raising his.

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James Potter and the Vault of Destinies is the third book in the James Potter series by G. The story was released in early , and is available for free digital in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats on the series website. The Gwyndemere; 3. 3. The Morrigan Web. Hagrid's Detention. Tyranny of Final Days. The Third .. James noticed the title of the book, emblazoned in tarnished gold. To the extent that trademarks of the Series (the "Proprietary Rights") are used in the Work, such use is 3: The Ghost and the Intruder .. James Potter moved slowly along the narrow aisles of the train, peering as nonchalantly as he could.

Since it's "fan fiction", it's freeware.


BTW, I believe there is a second volume available too. Here's a link to the PDF. Thanks, rg.

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All times are GMT Well, most of them. That is the only story found on this page that is being sold.


The rest can be read at no cost to you. Most of the links are to the author's official website and GoodReads, where you can download the books in several formats for free.

It is much like the original series, only a generation later.

There are also other short stories that take place before the James Potter series or in the middle of them. With the Vow of Secrecy crumbling in every corner, the Magical world prepares for its imminent collapse into Muggle reality, whether they are ready for such a revelation or not. James, along with his longtime companions Ralph Deedle, Zane Walker, and Rose Weasley, are drawn into a secret plot by none other than Petra Morganstern herself to assume the role of the Crimson Thread in its original, doomed dimension, thus resetting our own.

But can James allow Petra, his long unrequited love, to leave his reality forever, no matter the cost?

Series: James Potter

Norman Lippert is an artist and author of several novels and short stories, including , The Girl on the Dock , The Riverhouse , Redeye , The Nightmare Pearl , and The Freezing Season , which is currently in development as a feature film by award-winning director Kellen Gibbs.

You can learn more about G.

Norman Lippert at his official website:. The James Potter series of books has acheived the near-impossible:The first three have been out for a while and, over the last month or so, he's been releasing the last book in chapters. Hidden categories: Rowling 's Harry Potter universe, written by G.

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The James Potter series of books has acheived the near-impossible: Start a Wiki. Find More Posts by rgodby.

I'm glad you and your kids have moved on from Harry's story to James's story. The first 3 are there as well, if you've not read them.

Norman Lippert.

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