Does anybody know when Volume 18's PDF comes out? ) | Baka-Tsuki ( Light Novels) (Vol. ) | Weekly HighSchoolDxD Thread. Volume 1 - Diabolus of the Old School Building (Full Text - ePub - PDF) PDF); Volume 18 - Funny Angel of the Christmas Day (Full Text - ePub PDF) .. Light novel spinoff series under the banner of "High School DxD Universe". So volume 18 of DxD is finally done. . and on the novel im tired of people kissing isssei i dont mind akeno and asia but danggg thats rias mann thats just being traffaling PS: can anyone make a pdf version for V18 please?.

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Volume 18 – Funny Angel of Christmas Day [PDF] Zxzxzx can you tell me the info about this Shin Highschool DXD light novel like many people been talking. HighSchool DxD Volume Funny Angel of the Christmas Day - Free Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd That instant, the scenery around me changes and a very bright light dims upon Its going to have online novels. High School DxD I, Hyoudou Issei, am a 2nd Year High school student and my age is equal to the number of years I haven't had a girlfriend. . Volume

But moving away from a past means a goal for the future Will Hachiken be able to discover Once fully healed, the two devise a strategy to eliminate their trigger-happy A Terrified Teacher at Ghoul School!

Accel World, Vol. 18 (light novel)

Hospitalized after getting injured in a building fire, he'll be on a bumpy road to recovery as late-night medical The Book of Elements, Vol. To save Matt, the Guardians must track down the elemental gems required to open the Book of Elements, but no one ever said the task would be easy! Meanwhile, Cedric Trapped in the Book of Elements, the Guardians, Orube, and Cedric must confront Jonathan Ludmoore, the sinister alchemist who was once the servant of Phobos You normally would prefer to spend Christmas with your girlfriend!

We have to visit our customers who made Christmas day free to summon us. Its just like Rias said.

Yeah, I did want to spend time with Rias, but at this rate, it looks like I have to postpone it this year. The present project for Christmas and the Devils job would seem enough to kill me. I then say it to Kiba. You will probably get summoned by the older women. Are you planning to cook them your food that you are proud of? I had lots of requests like that last year. Though I do think that it will be good to spend this Christmas with my friend. Kiba suddenly puts on an emotional eyes.

He said that while brushing! Im planning to bake a cake. I kind of want to have you eat it as well, Ise-kun. Why the heck do you want to do that for me!? A handsome guy shouldnt put on an expression like that of a maiden! Havent I always told you that you should say that to girls!? Alright, Ill call Shinra-fukukaichou and have her invite you! I sent a mail regarding Kiba to Shirna-fukukaichou whom I exchanged email with! Ill send her a safe mail which goes: [Kiba is planning to bake a cake, so would you like one?

W-Why does Shinra-fukukaichou name pop out here?

Why are you trying to have me meet with Shinra-fukukaichou so often lately? I need to have him walk in the right path! At this rate, hell head to the wrong path and hes scaring me! And if a woman is by his side, Im sure he will stop being reckless. This guytries to do reckless things more than me. Just like how hes trying to use his Gram and also during battle where he gambles his safety.

Japanese LN and VN Translations

As a result, he succeeds thanks to his techniquesbut even so, he may face a difficult situation. Though it will be weird for me to say it since I charge ahead without thinking twice.

But still, I dont want to see my pal being in a situation where he is put in a life or death situation and the dies. For that reason, its necessary for there to be someone who can support him. And a woman fits that role. Im sure the place of security a man can return to is to the womans side.

Thats one of the facts I know very well after I started dating Rias. Since I have a strong feeling of wanting to return to Riass side alive, I came to think of a way to keep myself alive. Just like that, I am working hard to have Kiba and Shinra-fukukaichou become an official couple Sona-kaichou and the Sitri girls are with me in this.

Though they havent become a couple yet. Oh yeah, the Sitri-side cant join this conversation till the last moment, right? I ask Sensei. Sona-kaichou and her group also said that they will join the Christmas project, but the timing was bad so they couldnt join this meeting. So they will basically join the project without any discussion. Yeah, they are in middle of repairing and reconstructing Auros. Even if they can fix it with the use of demonic-powers, they will need to equip that place with equipment against incidents happening there.

They are going re-plan the whole construction there. The Auros academy that got partially destroyed due to Qlippoths assault. It became necessary to look over the equipment installed at the country town so the soldiers are currently stationed over there to guard it. After that, the anti-terrorist protection wall is put on there once again and it certainly did become more powerful than before But our opponents arent someone to be taken lightly, so we wont know what will happen if they attack again.

Well, I doubt they would make their assault right away yet. Apparently they took in the residents they were sent out of the floating island. Even though such thing happened, the number of applicants for the academys experience day has risen up dramatically. I hear that there are bookings for several years ahead already, so it does show how much impact that incident caused to the Underworld.

That incident was broadcasted to the Underworld as an urgent news. They protected the academy filled with dream and hope! If such things appears on the news and the newspaper, you would gain attention whether you like it or not.

Especially you guys that are the reincarnated Devils and Sairaorg who lacks demonicpowers made a big brawl against the legendary Evil Dragon. This is pretty much a heroic tales among the Low-class and Mid-class Devils.

Like Sensei said, the childrens dads that survived that battle and saw the battles with their own eyes spoke of what they saw to the media while being hyped about it. The Auros academy became so famous that there arent anyone that doesnt know about it since the viewers throughout the Underworld who saw the broadcast became greatly interested in it. For that reason, the Sitri-group cant show up since they have to handle the medias reports and applications. On the opposite side, the criticism we received for having the Agreas taken is also strong.

We received harsh comments from the fans and noble players of the Rating Game for having the holyland of the Rating Game taken. Also, the media of the Underworld are talking about the hypothesis behind the identity of the stolen Agreas every day.

Also due to the battle of Auros, the Devils are currently in a state where they have both hope and sense of insecurity. Well, same goes for us. Since we havent received any contacts from Maou Ajuka Beelzebubsama who apparently knows about the identity of Agreas. I cant help but to have a bad premonition depending on what that island really is Even so, we wont be able to go forward if we simply be concerned about that.

So the upcoming Christmas project will become a good change. Even though we are the counter-terrorist team, I reckon organising some surprise like this for other people is a good activity. I also want to have a mock-battle with Saji soon. He only reached Balance Breaker recently, so hes saying that he still lacks in maintaining it. But I did feel what kind of ability it has with my own skin. I guess its probably because his one is the same Dragon-armour type like my one.

Sensei then says it as he puts on a bitter smile. You guys sure do work hard. Using your own body to work, going to school, joining a project like this one, and accomplishing your own job. I cant help but to praise you guys despite being still young. We certainly have been doing a lot of things like Sensei said. But those with strength needs to use their power for others. Thats what I think. I dont want tosee something getting hurt without doing anything about it.

After that, we started the meeting for the upcoming plan and then checked the costume for the upcoming day. The girls are mainly talking about the Santas costume while being hype over it. Sensei then naturally asks Rias who is reading a document. Rias, how is Grayfia doing? Having being asked about her sister-in-law, she narrows her eyes. Shes in a state I really cant explain.

Currently, Grayfia-san is interrogating Euclid Lucifugus who is her real brother. I do think the situation where his actual sister is able to interrogate him is unbelievable to happen. But it happened because Euclid chose who he wants to be interrogated by. He said he wants it to be his older sister, Grayfia-san.

Geez, he sure has a strong sister-complex. To have some time to talk with his sister after he gets caught. Maybe from his perspective, is he happy that he lost against us?

Obviously the Underworlds army showed sign of dissatisfaction to Euclids request. But thanks to the approval of the higher-upSirzechs-sama, the interrogation between siblings became possible. I heard that the man himself is in a very good mood. He really must be enjoying talking to his sister. But I heard that the interrogation by Onee-sama is so harsh that it doesnt make you think shes interrogating her own brother.

Rias says. If Grayfia-san shows mercy to him here, then it would basically make the higher-ups that are suspicious of her think that Lucifugus that was the right-hand of the previous Maou is planning to overthrow the Underworld. So interacting with Euclid without bringing her emotion would be a proof of her loyalty to the Maou and the current government. Though in reality, it seems like she is giving harsh interrogation to her own brother without even the slightest mercy Theres no way you would be safe if you make that Grayfia-san angry.

It scares me so much Sensei then continues. From what he told Grayfiait seems like the new Khaos Brigade, the Qlippoth, has several hiding place. Each factions have sent their agents to those locations already. Its about time they attack them. I received a report from Shamhaza that he already gave his order to eliminate them. Euclid spoke about the headquarter to his sister. Maybe Grayfia-sans interrogation worked. Or maybe he confessed because hes up to something. We still arent sure about it.

It could be both reasons. Speaking about him, apparently the fake Boosted Gear he was in possession of is destroyed. According to Sensei, it was apparently programed to destroy itself if Euclid was to be defeated.

Apparently it vanished without leaving a trace. I then say it to Sensei. Theres no way Rizevim will simply get caught with this, right? The ones hiding at their secret base would be their weakest soldiers and magicians that were working with them. Their main forces must have moved to Agares already. And the whereabouts of that Agares itself is still unknown So their current base is that floating island.

Well, thats a whole city itself so it can certainly be quite a remarkable base. There must have been quite a lot of food, materials, and varieties of weapons stored there. If they were to use them, we will struggle against them. I wonder where an enormous floating island like that disappeared off to. Sensei puts his hand under his chin when I asked.

Maybe its putting on a camouflage by blending itself within the scenery. Obviously by using a spell which wont get caught by us. A camouflage, huh. It might unexpectedly be floating above this townwont be it. More rather, we dont even know if it can teleport itself completely into the human world. No, if its those guys then its possible.

Regarding Ajuka and his servants that knows the details of Agreas. Apparently its hard to get in hold with them. From what I hear, they are having a hard time of their own because they are being pestered by some noisy bunch. I guess the Maou Beelzebub-sama also has many enemies. So having management over games wasnt the only thing he was doing Sensei, did you take any notice regarding the Agreas?

Sensei smiles happily when I asked. Ah, this is the face he puts when he found something. I guess. Though theres no stop to it if I tell you it now. Ill let you hear my hypothesis once we receive an official report from Ajuka. I wonder whats hidden in that floating island. Then Griselda tells all of us once she took a look at the clock. First of all, we will take all of you to the Heaven after this. Our plan once we get there is to have a discussion about the content of the projectwhich is confirming whats inside the presents, and receiving Michael-samas greetings before the New Year.

Its finally here! We are finally entering Heaven!

Devils going to Heavensomething unreal like that is going to happen! Oh man, I cant thank the peace treaty between the Three Great Powers enough! I was curious about it. Since the Underworld was like that, then how will the Heaven where Angels resides be like? It sure has been in my mind! Just what kind of world exists above the sky!? Alright, then give my greetings to Michael. Sensei simply waves his hand at us and showed no sign of coming with us.

Arent you going to Heaven too? Oh, I guess its more appropriate to ask if you are not going back. Sensei sighs. You think I can just return to that place now? Well, I dont mind going if they allow me to destroy my old institute over there. Sensei leaves after he simply says that. Alright, lets head to Heaven using the magic-circle at the basement! At Riass command, we move down the basement of the Hyoudou residence Now then, Heaven here we come!

What was drawn at the teleportation room of the basement wasnt the usual magic-circle written in Devils symbols.

Irina and Sister Griselda starts to chant something you would find in a Bible while making a posture as if they were praying. Hmm, seeing that all the Devils here including myself are getting headache shows that it may be a phrase from the Bible We receive a halo, limited to DxD members, beforehand just in case so we can move within Heaven. When I put the halo above my headit starts to float and shine. Wow, it feels as if Ive become an Angel! With this, even if other species besides the Angels move within the Heaven it wont affect the system left by the God that much.

It would be troublesome if those who knows the absence of God or someone who would give bad influence to the system walks past the gate. You are able to lessen that from happening by putting on a halo quite a lot. Our ID and such are registered in our halo.

So its one and only. I need to make sure I dont lose it Its thanks to the sharing of technologies by the Grigori and the Devils side that they were able to have such an major change in their technology. If the peace didnt happen, then an item such as this which allows us to enter and exit Heaven wouldnt have been made. You could also say that it indicates that there wouldnt be people like Asia who will experience unfortunate fate. Yeah, we cant repeat a tragedy like that anymore.

The ones that are acting happy by putting this halo on areAsia and Xenovia. I-It feels like Ive become an Angel! Its such an honour! Yeah, the two of them are pure followers and they look up to Angels. So these halo are something they couldnt resist. They have such bright expressions. Irina then tells the two.

So then. Lets do our prayers with the three of us to celebrate this occasion before we enter Heaven! They do their usual pose they do with the three of them! While putting a halo above their head that is! Ah, lord! The Angel Asia huh. Im sure it would suit her! Just imaging it makes my face grin. But an item that allows the DxD to enter Heaven huh. That means that they prepared it beforehand just in case something happens at Heaven.

So it means they are concerning the possibility of the Heaven being attacked. While that was going through my mind, a huge door appears at the teleportation room. It looks so magnificent and it appears as though it is made from chalks. The door opens while making sound. Here, please come in. Sister Griselda urges us to pass through the door.

Irina enters before us. This is an elevator for the Angels! Dont hesitate and come in! Irina who has high spirit. Shes taking this Christmas project more seriously than any of us. It seems like shes really happy about being able to serve everyone in this town as an Angel and also appears to have pride in doing so. Once the rest of us passes through the elevator door, a white space appears front of us. Then the golden symbol below our feet glows! I suddenly feel my body float!

I experience a sensation where it feels like I have my whole body thrown up! That instant, the scenery around me changes and a very bright light dims upon us. When I look aroundwe find ourselves above the clouds! When I look up, a large, white, and bright ceiling is above us! Did we get teleported from the Hyoudou residences basement instantly? It means that we came up here in the elevator at the same time the symbols below our foot glowed.

Rias and Akeno-san looks calm compared to me and Asia who are astonished at this. The giant gate opens before we can get surprised by it! Sister Griselda and Irina then tells us while facing their back towards the opening gate.

Welcome to Heaven. The giant gatewhen we passed through the front gate of Heaven, what lay behind it was a white stone paving path, buildings that are aligned which are made from stones, buildings that is floating in the sky, and Angels that has pure white wings that are moving within!

How should I put it? Its so bright! Its also due to the fact that the sky is glowing in white, but it doesnt stop me from feeling as though the Angels, the buildings, and even the path we are walking on is glowing!

There isnt even a dust on this path. The Angels that walks past us looks at us as if they find us curious. If there are those that realize our identities, there are also those that doesnt. Sister Griselda who is leading us gives an explanation to us.

There are total of seven levels in Heaven. This is the first floorthe place which is called the First Heaven. The highest floor, Seventh Heaven, used to be the location where the God resided.

What remains there now is just the system that represented God. The Sacred Gears system is over there as well.

I certainly heard that from Irina beforehand. The First Heaven is the place where the Angels works and its pretty much like a front-line base. Irina and Sister Griselda also mainly works here. Im guessing they come back to this place when they have to return to Heaven. Irina then says it while pointing at the building thats floating in the air Its build on top of the clouds!

That building! Thats the place where Michael-samas Brave Saints gathers! I also show up there quite often! Hmm, its quite fancy to have a building thats floating in the air as your quarter.

Sao ln volume 17 chapter 21 pdf

Irina then gives us a further explanation. She points directly up. Michael-sama and the other Seraphs are at the Sixth Heaven.

Thats where the main headquarter of Heaven is based at. Well, the lowest ranking Angels including myself mainly comes herethe frontline base of First Heaven. So Michael-san is at Sixth Heaven. That means thats the place we are heading to. Rias says it while looking around with keen eyes. I was told that the structures of the floor changed quite drastically compared to before. Im sure Azazel-senseithe Grigori were living at Fifth Heaven before falling.

Xenovia continues after her. Sister Griselda nods.

Yes, its said that the Fifth Heaven where the Grigoris lived when they were Angels were temporarily their camp. Currently it is a floor with many research institute.

The Brave Saints cards were also created there. Hmm, so the place where Sensei lived now has a laboratory where they create Brave Saints cards huh. I sense some kind of link between the two. Like that, we arrive at the elevator which will take us to higher floors while walking and looking around like tourists.

We get a strict check from the security Angels and go through many thick doors in order to get onto the similar elevator as before to go further up.

Massive doors appears as we go higher and we continue forth by going through them. This may be a hassle, but these are needed in order to make even a sturdier security in Heaven.

It appears that there will a door and security check for every floor. I guess you would need a lot of privilege in order to go to the higher floors. We werent able to have a look at the Second Heaven and the Third Heaven. Unlike the First Heaven, we moved towards the elevator soon as we passed through the gate. Sister Griselda explains it to us who werent able to have a look down there. The Heaven which is commonly referred to exists in the Third Heaven.

Its the largest floor. Its so vast that it is said you cant tell where the end is. Im sorry but the souls down there may be stimulated if Devils like you go there. Therefore we wanted to restrict you from visiting down there. So the general Heaven is at the Third Heaven huh. We already came up to the Fourth Heaven. It kind of feels weird when Im told that we just bypassed the general Heaven. On top of that we are Devils, so that makes us Devils who went past Heaven.

That phrase alone makes it sound cool. But the fact is we havent seen the general Heaven. Its the resting soil of souls that came here so they wouldnt want to meet Devils. Well, apparently the number of Heaven is equal to the number of mythologies.

So I guess this is the Heaven of Catholic religion. I guess this Heaven is the living land of Angels that served under the God from the Bible. The Fourth Heaven is also known as Edens Garden. I guess the story of Adam and Eve is famous for it. Irina tells us. Edens Garden! I wonder if its a paradise-like place? I would love to see it but we ended up passing through that as well and continue going up.

The Fifth Heaven really was a place with many laboratory like buildings. There are also buildings that looks like those modern human ones which gave it a new feeling to it. Im starting to have an interest in this place knowing the fact that its the former workplace of Sensei.. It happens when we enter the elevator which connects to the Sixth Heaven. Sister gives us further explanation as if she just remembered.

Regarding the rules of Heaventhis place isnt strong towards the living as the human world and the Underworld.

HighSchool DxD

She then says this while putting her index finger up. In other words, its very fragile against evil. Well, they are Angels after all. So having evil intents would be a taboo. Even Irina has her wings lit black and white to things besides erotic things. It even makes me shocked to the degree where I say You can even fall with just that!?. To put it simple, Ise-senpai needs refrain his pervertness. I dont have any words to throw back to Koneko-chans harsh comment! I will promise not to think of lewd things much as possible!

Theres no way I can do a perverted things at Heaven! Once we go up to Sixth Heaven, a gate and door which is even larger than before appears! A normal high school student born in a normal family, but is in possession of the Sacred Gear "Boosted Gear" which is listed as one of the ultimate Sacred Gears Longinus. He was killed by his first girlfriend, a Fallen Angel, and was revived as a Devil and a servant of Rias Gremory, his new master.

Now he aims to become a Harem King by gaining a peerage, unaware of himself attracting girls around him. She comes from the old noble of pure Devils, the House of Gremory.

Her brother is, in fact, one of the Yondai-Maou, Lucifer, and both of them possess the Power of Destruction. She revives Issei as her servant after finding him dead, killed by a Fallen Angel and possessing a rare Sacred Gear. Kind and soft to her servants, becomes a totally different person when training or fighting.

Originally a sister who was known as a holy maiden for her healing powers. She was raised in an orphanage and was taken in by the Church after her powers were discovered.

However, she was kicked out of the Church for healing a Devil, and was taken in by people affiliated with the Fallen Angels.

She starts living with Issei after being saved from the Fallen Angels' grasp. As a person raised in the Church, she lacks common sense.If not do you know who will be?

No, in fact I want to see lots of my grandchildren by having you two put so much effort in making babies! Two OVAs were released with volumes 13 and Meanwhile, Cedric A lot has happened within this one year, but I think I can forget all that since Im so happy for being able to spend the time alone with Rias like this!

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