I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Make sure you download it when you can get it for a good price. There's enough information online to. The Billings Method: Controlling Fertility without Drugs or Devices [Evelyn Billings, Paperback: pages; Publisher: Life Cycle Books; Later Printing edition. The Billings Method book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A totally natural birth control alternative to artificial method.

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the. ovulation. method. has. been. raised. in. the. book. review,. let. me. rec- Billings. E,. Westmore. A. The. Billings. Method. Penguin. Books. Billings Method by Evelyn Billings, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. only side effects of this method. STRUATION IN Evelyn Billings from Australia who first published in Dr. Evelyn. Billings' book, “The Billings Method" is.

There was no logic any longer to submit the reliable indicator the mucus pattern to the judgement of an unreliable method the temperature record. Mercedes asked whether the Drs Billings would be willing to come to Guatemala to conduct a Teacher- Training and was assured that they would come, Dr Evelyn Billings saying that all that would be taught was the Ovulation Method and that already good results were being reported in the application of the method in Tonga. It had been observed that the shift from the lower to the higher temperature could occur a few days before the day of ovulation or sometimes not until three or four days afterwards, and similar observations were to be found in the medical literature.

There was also experience of another observation also appearing in the medical literature, that ovulation may occur without any indication of it at all from the temperature chart.

One's experience had included a cycle with a normal fertile mucus pattern, hormonal proof that the Peak of the Mucus Symptom was accurately located at the time of ovulation, menstruation had occurred two weeks later, but the temperature chart was flat throughout the cycle. The count of 3 after the end of the mucus pattern had been determined by clinical observations. These involved the cooperation of a number of couples who had successfully postponed pregnancy for as long as they wished to do so and were now wishing to achieve another pregnancy.

They were asked to "move backwards" the acts of intercourse in the post-ovulatory phase of the cycle, beginning with day three. One pregnancy occurred as a result. The remainder moved to day two and now a few pregnancies resulted. When the other couples moved to day one pregnancies occurred more frequently but most frequently of all when finally the last day of the mucus discharge was used for intercourse.

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It was some years later that Professor Brown's laboratory studies demonstrated what had been named the "Peak of the Mucus Symptom" was in fact the day on which ovulation occurred most frequently, and that the day after the Peak also had a substantial level of fertility, but not as great as that on the Peak day. So far the recommendation to proceed further without the temperature method had been confined to those women who had a clear understanding of the Ovulation Method and a classical mucus pattern.

What was needed was a study of a random group of women who would be taught the Ovulation Method and use it alone from the beginning of their use of a natural method. Providentially this opportunity presented itself when there was a visit to Melbourne of a Missionary nun of the Marist Order, Sr M Cosmas Weissmann who had already been working for many years in Tonga. She had come to Melbourne with the express intention of learning a method which did not involve any temperature taking, being positive that the temperature method was incapable of being used successfully amongst the poor and largely illiterate women in Tonga.

She was delighted to be told that such a method now existed and she stayed in Melbourne for a few weeks in order to be quite convinced that she fully understood the method and the manner in which it was being taught.

Sr Cosmas went back to Tonga and commenced to instruct the women who were keen to learn a natural method of postponing pregnancy, even some who were not intending to use immediately but at a later date when the family size had increased. Finally a total of women were instructed and couples opted for the Ovulation Method.

The trial begun in July and ended in February A visit to Tonga early in the trial confirmed that Sr Cosmas was keeping meticulous records of each individual retained in the trial, and that good progress was being made. Most women found the mucus immediately recognisable and were pleased with the simplicity of the method.

Additional instruction was given where it was necessary to gain the woman's confidence. Altogether a total of couples used the Ovulation Method for a total of months.

There was one case where the couple had a pregnancy despite their statement that they had not engaged in intercourse during the fertile phase. After the report had been published this couple admitted to Sr Cosmas that they had knowingly conceived during the fertile phase and were now anxious to correct the previous untruth.

Towards the end of the Drs Billings made a visit to Guatemala in response to an invitation by Mrs Mercedes Wilson and in her company carried out a teaching program in all the countries of Central America.

During this visit Mrs Wilson inquired as to whether there was now complete confidence about teaching the Ovulation Method in isolation from other methods, and she was assured this was the case. She was given more information about the success being achieved in Tonga, and informed that the Ovulation Method was now being regularly used on its own.

The Billings Method: Controlling Fertility Without Drugs Or Devices

They had been introduced to him by a letter provided by a priest who had listened to the teaching carried out in Hong Kong. Deegan listened to the story of the Ovulation Method and arranged for the Drs Billings to meet a group of doctors and nurses to present information to them on return. This meeting with the more than 40 individuals was very successful and a strong resolution was adopted to support the establishment of an Ovulation Method Teaching Centre in Los Angeles. Mons Deegan followed up this recommendation by organising an Ovulation Method Institute each year for many years afterwards, which continued until his untimely death in They attracted visitors from all over the Americas and also from Asia and Europe.

There was also a stop over in Mexico City on the way back to Los Angeles and the Ovulation Method was introduced to an interested group who went ahead with the setting up of a number of centres to teach the method. Subsequently teachers from Australia were able to supplement the teaching throughout Canada, the United States, and all though Latin America, with assistance to Mercedes Wilson and her group in Guatemala.

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In our Humanae Vitae Of Human Life Conference attracted delegates from more than 40 countries around the world, enabling our Australian teachers to form strong friendships with individuals from many of these countries who subsequently spread the Ovulation Method on their return home. Since then many of our Australian Teachers have undertaken journeys to establish teaching programs overseas and these combined efforts have involved more than countries altogether, in Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, all through Africa, the subcontinent of India, in Asia and in various Pacific Island communities.

In China these efforts have produced remarkable success in recent years.

A publication by the World Health Organisation containing information supplied by Professor Odeblad was distributed; it contained detail regarding his earliest attempts to begin to classify the different types of mucus that he was recognising by modern physical techniques and also under the microscope. Not long afterwards Dr Kevin Hume learned that Professor Odeblad was to make a visit to Sydney, Australia, in response to an invitation coming from a group of veterinary scientists.

Dr Hume was able to attend Professor Odeblad's presentation and afterwards informed him of the development of the Ovulation Method, providing him with copies of the Ovulation Method teaching materials which he took away for further study. Professor James Brown has added that the Ovulation Method has a rule to provide for every situation the woman may encounter during the reproductive era of her life.

Professor Odeblad had been able to explain that fertility has a changing pattern, because there are different types of mucus in varying proportions from day to day up to the time of the Peak of the symptom.

He was able to explain why the stringiness does not persist up to the Peak of the symptom, because a zymogen pre-enzyme is released in granules from the isthmus of the uterus during the fertile phase, to form with the P2 mucus a mucolytic enzyme which breaks up the strings of mucus before the Peak is reached.

He made it clear that the lower viscosity of the L-mucus and P2-mucus cause the release of the thick plug of G-mucus from the cervix to begin. A little of the fluid mucus passes through the vagina to the vulva revealing that sperm are now able to enter the cervical canal.

He also pointed out that when the woman is walking the vagina moves a little from side to side and this helps the more fluid mucus to escape.

If the woman is at first busy in household or other duties she may postpone micturition by contracting the pelvic musculature and this can obstruct the release of the fluid mucus for a time; he thus confirmed the rule of the Ovulation Method that when it is intended to avoid pregnancy, the couple should not engage in intercourse before the woman has been upright and moving about for some time after getting out of bed.

During the s a committee of the World Health Organisation attached the Billings name to the method, explaining that every new scientific discovery should be given the name of those who made the discovery. The marriage of the couple has made a covenant in which they give themselves completely to one another and within this gift is their precious fertility. The natural method preserves this unique gift and every act of intercourse remains open to the transmission of life.

The need to wait without intercourse at times is a part of every marriage, because of the birth of a new child, sickness of the husband or the wife, demands of employment and so on. When the couple accepts this gentle discipline they make a magnificent demonstration of their love, the husband for the wife, the wife for the husband, and both together for the children already born and to be born in the future. Each observes the goodness of their decision so that it has the effect of ennobling them both as they perceive what they have done for each other.

They are happy to be cooperating with what the Creator has designed in Nature, are at peace with their conscience, and the family is growing in an atmosphere of love, happiness, security and peace which is so appropriate to the rearing of children, each of whom has experienced the beatitude of having from birth a father and mother who love them and love each other.

This is especially true for women in their late 30s and 40s, who may have less quality fertile cervical mucus than women who are younger. For these women, it may be necessary to check internally for mucus changes. Another disadvantage of this method is it cannot confirm whether or not ovulation is taking place.

While an increase in cervical mucus can warn you that ovulation may be approaching, it cannot guarantee that ovulation will in fact happen.

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With body basal temperature charting, a rise in temperature will let you know that ovulation has really taken place. For added reassurance, some women will use both basal body temperature charting and cervical mucus charting together. Was this page helpful?

Get one simple hack every day to make your life healthier. Email Address There was an error. Please try again. Thank you, , for signing up. Another disadvantage of this method is it cannot confirm whether or not ovulation is taking place.

While an increase in cervical mucus can warn you that ovulation may be approaching, it cannot guarantee that ovulation will in fact happen.

With body basal temperature charting, a rise in temperature will let you know that ovulation has really taken place. For added reassurance, some women will use both basal body temperature charting and cervical mucus charting together. Get one simple hack every day to make your life healthier.

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Most of the time, it's rather dry and sticky. This would be the best time to have sex to get pregnant. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback!The Billings Ovulation Method does not require you to take your temperature every morning, making it an easier method of ovulation tracking than body basal temperature charting.

During she visited the home of the Drs Billings and in a conversation with Dr Evelyn Billings she discussed the possibility of Natural Family Planning in Guatemala.

Books by Evelyn Billings. The cervix produces cervical mucus throughout the menstrual cycle. There was also an impact upon the conjugal relationship as the woman was often irritable or depressed while taking the pill, and the intended separation of sexual intercourse from parenthood clearly damaged the conjugal relationship in many cases, promoting infidelity and marriage breakdown.

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