Title, Human Resource Management. Author, C. B. Gupta. Edition, 5. Publisher, Sultan Chand & Sons, ISBN, , Dr. C.B. Gupta – Sultan Chand & Sons Pub. • 2. Human Resource Management – S.S.. Khanka – S. Chand Pub. • Personnel Management & Industrial Relations. human resource management by cb gupta ebook, human resource management by cb gupta pdf, human resource management by cb gupta doc and human.

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There are also many Ebooks of related with human resource management by cb gupta. You can find book human resource management by cb gupta in our. Book Name: Human Resource Management. Book sub-title: 19th Thoroughly Revised Edition Author/s name/s: Gupta C.B.. Publisher Name: Sultan. 'Basic Human Resource Management has been especially designed and written for aper CP (Human Resource Management) under Sixth Semester of B.

Principles and Practice of Management,.. Com Vocational Telangana University. Life Insurance. Non Life Insurance. To acquaint the students with the Principles functions. CB Gupta: Industrial Organization and Management Sultan.

Role of Ethics in Modern Business: An Important Key Aspect of the Posted on 3. G upta M anagem ent Theory Practice. Ethical considerations.

Department of Posted on 2. Industrial Personnel Management the workshop group suggested to. Untitled Shodhganga. New York: Institute of Public Administration. Columbia University.

Theory Practice. This course is an introduction to the management function.

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It will focus on the. Management Theory and Practice. February 6, Book Page Layout Software. Ms Version 1 Driver. Albany State Game Schedule. February 5, Samsung Sky Hd Software Update.

Active Directory Licensing Server. Evaluating the effectiveness of recruitment process. What is Selection? Aptitude Tests: Achievement Tests: Interest Tests: Informal Interview 3. Formal Interview 4. Patterned or Structured Interview 5. Non-Directed or Unstructured Interview 6.

Depth Interview 7. Group Interview 8. Stress Interview 9. At the Organisational level, employee training and executive development are main areas of human resource development. State essential qualities of Successful Recruitment Advertisement. And also state how will you spell out Job specification and job description briefly in the AD itself.

How will you carry out training need analysis for a medium sized organization?

Personnel Management — C. B Mamoria Vikas Pub. It is the upward movement of an employee in the organization's hierarchy, to another job commanding greater authority, higher status and better working standards. Transfer A transfer refers to a horizontal or lateral movement of an employee from one job to another in the same organization without any significant changes status and pay. It refers to downward movement pf an employee in the organizational hierarchy with lower status and lower salary.

Need for Demotion: Disciplinary Measure. It may occur due to resignation, death, dismissal and layoff. Following are various forms of separations.

What are the Precautions a manager should have while go for Demotion of an employee? If you are an owner of the production unit of a retail product which method would you adopt for payment of wages? Gupta Sultan Chand and sons Pub. It contains Five successive time bound steps each leading to the next in case the aggrieved employee prefers an appeal.

How will you alleviate political influence in the Industry? Rust is the worst foe of Iron similarly Frustration is the worst opponent of human being. Do you agree. Highlight the evil effects of Grievances on ordinary Industrial worker.

Draw a suitable grievance redress procedure for a medium sized manufacturing organisation. Critical Incidents MBO.

Mutual Trust 6. Documentation 7. Feedback and 2. Clear Objectives Participation 3.

S [F] SU 0. All Syllabus Commerce Faculty B.

Com Posted on 2. Jun 2 2. Shashi K.


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. Posted on 2. Management Concepts Practices Sultan Chand and.. Sundaram and Varshney 2.

Banking Theory Law and Practice Sultan..

Read more ] [ Donwload pdf ]. Posted on 3. Apr- 2. Gupta Shashi K. Sharma R. Oct- 2. BBA 1. Accounting Management by R. May- 2. Financial management Meaning Nature Scope objectives.Chand New Delhi. ISBN No. Other related books by: Login Register.

Sundharam P. Science Chemistry Mathematics Physics.

Status of Human Resource Manager 2. Ngoc Le. Accounting Management by R.

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