Exchange Interview Question answers - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Exchange Server Standard edition supported 1Storage Group and 2. Exchange server Interview Questions – High Availability. Filed under: Exchange Server — exchange2k10 @ pm 1. What are the vision and. + Exchange Server Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is Exchange Server ? Question2: What are the Exchange Server

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Exchange server Interview Questions With Answers: 1. What is Exchange Server ? Exchange Server is an email, calendaring and address book. Exchange server Interview Questions High Availability Filed under: Exchange Server exchange2k10 @ pm 1. What are the. 1) Mention what are the new features in MS Exchange ? Provide a resilient solution: It built upon the exchange server and redesigned for simplicity.

How can that be?

You don't have any Public Folder, but now you've got a bunch of laptop users that use Outlook What issues would you see? How would you fix these issues? In Exchange , what are the minimum requirements for implementing a high availability topology, in relation to the server roles and server numbers? Describe the concept behind Log Shipping. What's SCC? Describe DAG in Exchange How do you enable LCR? What Exchange edition version do you need for LCR?

What Windows edition version do you need for LCR? How do you recover from a store corruption when using LCR? Name the procedures you would use. What are streaming backups? What are VSS backups? What's a Brick-Level backup? What's a Recovery Storage Group?

How do you work with one? What's a Dial Tone recovery?

What built-in tool do you have to allow you to manage Exchange store recoveries? What's the difference between online and offline defrag? In Exchange , is there any change in the way online and offline defrags are used or should be used?

What is Eseutil? Name a few scenarios for using both tools? What are the major considerations for using these tools? What protocol is used for the Mailbox to HT transport?

How would you achieve incoming mail redundancy? What happened to OMA? And in relation to Exchange and Exchange ? A user opens an OWA session from an external computer. Which role does that user connect to? What's a mailbox move request in Exchange ? What is Online Mailbox Move in Exchange ? Describe the issues you're facing when attempting to obtain a digital certificate for Exchange What's one of the changes that was made to the digital certificate request process in Exchange in relation to Exchange ?

What are SAN certificates? Name a few commercial CAs you could use to obtain digital certificates. What are the benefits and "issues" when using cached mode?

How would you tackle those issues? What is Outlook Anywhere? Describe the method for enabling Outlook Anywhere. You've just bought a new Internet domain name, and are looking to set up an Exchange organization to receive e-mail for that domain.

Name ALL the steps you would need to take in order to successfully be able to work with that domain name. What do you need to do?


What's Accepted Domains? What is a Mail Relay? Name a few known mail relay software or hardware options. What's a Smart Host? When would you use it? Wanting to configure a Send Connector to the world, what address would you use? What are Receive Connectors? What's the difference between the "Client" and the "Default" Receive Connectors?

What is high availability? High Availability is a solution that provide data availability; service availability and automatic recover from site failures 5. What is disaster recovery?

It is a procedure used to manually a recover a failure 6. What is site resilience? Site Resilience is a disaster recovery solution used for recovery from site failure 7. What is switch over and failover? A switch over is a manual activation one or more databases when failure occurs A failover is an automatic activation of one or more databases after failure 8.

What are the concepts deprecated in Exchange Server ? Storage groups 2. Database identified by the servers which they live 3.

Server names as part of database name Clustered Mailbox server 1. Pre-installation of failover cluster 2. Running setup in failover mode 3. Moving a CMS identity between servers 4. Shared storage Two high availability copy limits Private and public networks 9. Explain new features in Exchange Server High Availability? No need to failover a server if a single database fails 2.

Failover and switchover occurs at the database level and not the server level 3.

With the new HA feature; we can have databases per server 4. Databases are tied to specific server can be float across servers in organization Give an idea on Exchange server High Availability Architecture changes? Whats new in Exchange Management Console?

In Exchange Server management console, the following are the new features included 1. Built on remote power shell and RBAC 2. Multiple forest support 3. Cross premises Exchange Management includes Mailbox move 4. Recipient bulk edit 5. PowerShell command logging 2.

What is Exchange Control Panel?

What is Storage Group?

ECP its a new and simplified web based management console and its a browser based management client for end user, administrators and specialist, ECP can be accessible via URL, browsers and outlook , ECP deployed as part of the client access server role, Simplified user administration for management tasks and its RBAC aware 3.

Who can use ECP and what are the manageable options? Specialist and administrators administrator can delegate to specialist e.

End users comprehensive self-service tools for end users fetch phone number, changing name and create groups Hosted customers tenant administrators and tenant end users 4. RBAC is new authorization model in Exchange Server , easy to delegate and customize permission; this replaced the permission model used in Exchange Server How to delegate a Role?

Create the management role 2. Change the new management roles entries by removing old entries 3. Create a management scope if required 4.

Assign the new management role 7. What is Remote power shell in Exchange Server ? Remote PowerShell provides an RBAC-based permission model making it possible to grant much more granular permissions Exchange used ACLs , standard protocols that makes it easier to manage Exchange servers through firewalls, and explicitly separates client and server portion of the cmdlet processing 8.

What are the supportable OS platforms to install Exchange Management console? In Exchange server all functions are 64 bit only, admin tools requires 64 bit OS, Exchange management tools can be installed in 64 bit OS like vista, server and windows 7, Remote PowerShell management can be installed in x86 and x64 bit OS Exchange Server Interview Questions Federation Filed under: Exchange Server exchange2k10 pm 1.

What is federated sharing? Federated Sharing allows easy sharing of availability information, calendar, and contacts with recipients in external federated organizations 2. What are the options shared in federated sharing?

Free busy information 2. Calendar and contact sharing 3. Sharing policy 3. How federated sharing works in Exchange server ?

Explain the operation of federation? What are the benefits of federation? Allow users to act on behalf of specific user Specific user identified by E-mail address User not prompted for credentials Reduces explicit trust management No AD trusts, service to cloud accounts to manage Minimizes certificate exchanges Verifies domain ownership 6.

Explain the federation commands in Exchange server ? How to establish federated sharing in Exchange Server ? Create trust with certificate exchange 2. Prove domain ownership 3. Add domains 8.

What is Microsoft Federation Gateway?

Exchange 2010 Interview Question answers

Exchange organizations wanting to use Federation establish a Federation Trust with MFG, allowing it to become a federation partner to the Exchange organization. The delegation tokens allow users from one federated organization to be trusted by another federated organization.

With MFG acting as the trust broker, organizations are not required to establish multiple individual trust relationships with other organizations. Users can access external resources using a single sign-on SSO experience 9.

What is Federation Trust? The certificate is used for encrypting tokens What is Sharing Policy? Sharing policies allow you to control how users in your organization can share calendar and contact information with users outside the organization.

To provision recipients to use a particular sharing policy What is a Smart Host? Databases are tied to specific server can be float across servers in organization This is the most widely used certificate type such as it has one common name like webmail. High availability is also a must. Simplify administration and reduce support cost 4.

What are virtual servers?

The delegation tokens allow users from one federated organization to be trusted by another federated organization. Shared storage Two high availability copy limits Private and public networks 9.

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