These templates help you create print-ready paperback covers with Open the PDF or PNG file for the Paperback Book Cover Template in your image editing. To help you design your paperback book's cover, CreateSpace can automatically generate a template file that is custom-built for your book. That template file. I'm about to use Creatspace for the first time and I'm already stuck for a template for creating a book cover. I want to use smaller than 6x9, but.

Createspace Book Cover Template

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I have downloaded the CreateSpace cover template to my imaging software as Steve - - painless print & e-book formatting. Using the cover template provided (downloaded from) by KDP I am because the CreateSpace cover templates had a lot of problems, and . If you will ever only do one book, you still need to learn the steps so you do it right. DIY Templates: Book Covers in under 1 hour (Recommended by Publisher's your book, you'll receive an email with your CreateSpace/ site ready files.

Posted in topic s: Account Issues. Using the cover template provided downloaded from by KDP I am unable to place, enter or upload my cover to the template. Help will be greatly appreciated. I do best with bullet point instructions don't need a video I've watched every one I could find. I know that there are some people on here who have a real aversion to using cover templates, but really the basic templates are simply a PNG file that is the correct pixel-perfect size for a paperback cover of your chosen trim size, with the correct spine width for your page count and paper type, and the bleed, all calculated for you.

It shows the trim lines, the bleed area and the live area.

That's all it is. You open it in Photoshop or your graphics program of choice, and add all your content; images, text, background colours, etc. Of course, you can simply do the calculations yourself and create a Photoshop file at the correct size, and place guide lines for the live area and trim area, and around the spine, but the template has all that already done for you.

What the templates don't do is force you to follow any particular design or look. They aren't at all like the Cover Creator, which has a bunch of pre-designed layouts. The design of your cover is entirely up to you. The templates are just a quick and easy way to get the correct size, but you still have to do all the work in your graphics program.

To get a template, just follow the link below.

You need to enter the trim size, paper type, and page count. Optionally, enter your ISBN and it will even include a barcode for you, but that's not necessary as KDP will place a barcode on the cover for you. It takes just a few seconds, and you'll get a PNG template that you can open in Photoshop or GIMP or any other graphics program, and start making your cover. If you use InDesign or Scribus my preferred program, btw , you can choose those templates.

Many professional cover designers use my templates, as it saves them a lot of time.

Again, the templates don't impose any design on your cover, they just give you the correct size. If you want to see what a cover template looks like, there's one here, in a few different formats:.

I made this cover template generator a few years ago, because the CreateSpace cover templates had a lot of problems, and my clients I do interior book formatting, well, more like typesetting than formatting were having trouble with the CreateSpace cover templates. They've since improved, but they still don't use the actual page count and they don't come in custom trim sizes, but mine do. Steve - https: I don't know, I don't get all the agita. I just don't.

Downloading your CreateSpace Cover Template

At some point a few years ago, I decided after listening to all the complaining about templates, etc. I built a "template" layout in InDesign, and made a cover. Piece of cake.

Under pages, no spine text; over, make sure you leave 0. It ain't rocket surgery. InDesign too expensive, too tricky?

Use MS publisher. That's out of reach? Yup, plan old Word.

I also did that both for eBooks only front covers and wraparounds--and guess what? They work and they work fine.

Anyone can do it. I'm not a trained Graphic Designer. I simply followed instructions, coupled with a teeny bit of math, simple multiplication and addition. Nothing tricky.

How To Get The Best Paperback Cover You Can With CreateSpace

I did this because I got tired of people telling me how it was "impossible" or whatever. I wanted to know if it was or wasn't. And I tried a variety of ways, and managed to make viable covers all three ways. It's just NOT.

Is the design-y part hard? That part can require some creativity that some folks don't have. No disagreement there.

The DPI issues? Trying to up-rez images just doesn't work. You can get fantastic images affordably ranging from Unsplash to DepositPhotos, etc. Sorry to pipe up here, but as a non-graphic-designer, I wanted to point out that with a modicum of effort on my part, I was easily able to make covers. All it took was actually reading instructions and not trying to make silk purses of sow's ears. Nothing more, nothing less.

All this sturm und drang seems woefully overblown. Amusing that people who complain about the complaints being too much, just created more with their reply. But, as I have said already, you do what works best for you.

Problem is, and I have run into this for years, those people don't read the instructions because they have the attention span of a grape.

I can't tell you how many times contacts of mine have asked for my help with some issue with their computer or a software program and when I give them what they need, they tell me it's too much, they can't read it all, they just want the bullet points! It doesn't work that way, people. You need to put some effort into what you are doing.

Try doing it, step-by-step. Get used to doing it with test projects. Keep at it until you know how to do it without even thinking about it. If you will ever only do one book, you still need to learn the steps so you do it right. It might take multiple tries, but in the end you'll be pleased with yourself that you persevered and succeeded.

It doesn't take a graphics designer to create a book or a cover. It helps to have some artistic ability. It doesn't take a DTP program to create a book. I dislike DTP programs. Have tried them all - too many bells and whistles and too much crap that a neophyte can use to create the most god-awful book designs. Just because these programs allow you to do things, doesn't mean you should. I do all the book interiors in Word. It's all you really need. I see so many authors who use Word like it was a manual typewriter which is probably what they learned to type on, as did I and format text such as centering a line using tabs and spaces instead of learning the keyboard command to center a line.

I spend more time cleaning up such things before I can begin formatting the book than I do formatting the book. Yes, a little sturm und drang and much agitation.

So what? I've been doing this for over 50 years and I cant ell you some stories - some would be of the dumb things I did, and plenty more of the hundreds of people I have worked with who could write a really good story but could not produce a simple word processor document to save their life.

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It's whatever works for you that gets the job done. I prefer the temple method of creating a one piece cover. You need to make sure that no important text is in that blue zone. A good design will make sure that the text uses a zone that is 3x times that, but.

The ISBN is fake and is just a placeholder. I have segmented each side in halves and thirds. Because the pink zone is cut away, it is not taken into my segmenting consideration. The gray grid lines denote halves.

The blue grid line denotes thirds. CreateSpace requires a book to be pages in order for it to get text on the spine. A spine width of. Use my spine width calculator for CreateSpace here.So it looks like things might be running relatively smoothly on those fronts, but I still have no word on when the previewer will be working.

He can do as he pleases. OK, now do this. I downloaded these templates: I dislike DTP programs. It might take multiple tries, but in the end you'll be pleased with yourself that you persevered and succeeded.

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